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Why I use Twitter??? January 2, 2010

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Today while I was going through the list of people I am following I saw a friend’s status which was “I find it boring here”. It made me thinking why she doesn’t like twitter? I still don’t know why 🙂 but one thing I know is why I use twitter and not get bored.

To understand my point of view, (more…)


New Year’s Resolution December 28, 2009

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Each year I make a new resolution to do something. And at the end of the year I realize I couldn’t really kept doing it. This year I am not going to make a new resolution about doing something, about blogging a lot or about any other objective I know I might regret not doing it when 2010 ends. (more…)

Facebook’s Latest Privacy Options December 10, 2009

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Today, Facebook announced their new privacy policy and users are shown a page where they can see their default privacy and change it according to the new one.

Having identified many facebook security issues, I was expecting some loopholes in the new policy as well. Today, (more…)

Long Weekend??? November 30, 2009

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It was all a dream, a distant dream. Today, I feel cheated for assuming it a long relaxing weekend. I hope someday I will get an actual long weekend to relax and rest and have fun my way. Someday maybe..

Total Randomness… November 27, 2009

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Sometimes we think and think too much and eventually fail at it. And there also comes a time when we realize that thinking too much was the reason behind our failure. So what makes us give too much thought to a simple idea?

I feel we all become fearful after the experiences we have had in our lives, and we are forced to think and think too much which we must not. In my case, I have learn’t form my experiences, that I must always be the same fearless person I was when I graduated. No fear. No worries. I was proud of whatever I have done. Few seasons and few jobs later, I changed from that fearless person to a submissive fearful person. Stuttering at every question and thinking too much before answering. From the one who had all the confidence to get on the stage in front of 400-500 people, without even thinking what will happen next and sing a song with friends without realizing that I am terrible singer, to the present self who is too shy to even clearly express himself.

Its definitely going to be hard to get to the original self but surely isn’t impossible.

Take Back The Tech… November 26, 2009

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Take Back The Tech

Being part of the dominating gender in our society I may not be able to understand how does it feel to be treated as some inferior being. And its not just my society I am talking about here, its the same case everywhere. And its unfortunate.

If you are a male who is living in a society where women are treated badly, are target of routine misbehavior and disrespect, and you think we should give voice to end this inequality; Then join TBTT campaign and create awareness, educate minds and train the women to be stronger.

For more details on the 16-day campaign visit:


If you are in Pakistan and want to see how we are supporting the cause. Read:

In The Line of Wire


Teeth Maestro

Another Lesson!! July 15, 2009

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This one is a bad experience that I had while working with someone, who I met through a tech personality in the local community, and before I realized my mistake it had been over a year since I was working for this company/individual.

To keep it short, I would just like to tell people who are running a startup or working with some medium/big size company as freelancers to NEVER quote low for any project on the promise(written or verbal) that there are bigger and better projects for you to do. Secondly, always make a written agreement with the payment terms and deliverables mentioned clearly. There are many other lessons which I would be sharing soon.

Its been a real lesson for me. The biggest let down from someone whom I started looking upto as a mentor and as a senior.

Conversation with Police Officers May 4, 2009

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It happened today at Tipu Sultan Road while I was on my way to office. I was speaking to a friend on phone and saw two amazingly smart and innocent looking policemen 😉 asking me to pull over. I did so as every responsible citizen would do.

Policeman 1: Assalam O Alaikum Sir. Can I see the documents of your car?
Talha(Myself): Wsalam. Sure. (I gave him the documents and he walked over to his partner and looked at the documents)

Policeman 1: Sir you were talking on phone and you’ve violated traffic rules and we will have to issue you a ticket for Rs.512. Please give us you driving license.

I said: Are you traffic police?? No. Then why would you give me the ticket??

Then they both looked at each other and then looked at the documents once again and said : You havent paid you car tax since you bought the car. We have dozens of cars locked in our police station for this.

I said: Are you from the Revenue Department?? Thats supposed to be their problem not yours.

At this point they didnt know what else to say. They both said: Sir we can lock up your car and will not release it until you pay the tax.

I said(offering them keys of the car): Sure go on. Lock it up.

They had nothing more to say. Then they tried another act.

Policeman 1: Sir Sahab(The other policeman) thinks you are a nice boy. he thinks you should go here are your documents.

I said Thanks and as I approached the car the first policeman came to me whispering, Koi thanday ka intezam kar dein tou achha hai bohat dhoop hai yahan (meaning: If you can arrange for cold drinks that will be good. Its too hot over here!!)

I looked at them and now both of them were looking like two innocent men begging for a drink. I bought them a drink from the shop across the road and moved on.

I think I did right by not giving them cash and buying drinks. or did I??

Second Lesson!! April 23, 2009

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Whenever you receive a CV always do three things:

1) Search google.com for that person’s name.
2) Search Facebook.com or orkut.com.
3) Look for the candidate at linkedin.com.

Why?? These searches will give you an idea of who you will be dealing with at the time of the interview. Half the things about that person will be known to you before he comes for the interview. You can also verify if the candidate is lying about any of his leisure activities, associations and many other things.

Just gives you an idea if you should hire someone or not.

First Lesson!! April 17, 2009

Posted by Talha Izhar in Startup.

Be sure to introduce new process or policy either at the beginning of the month or beginning of the project. Recently, I was told about it after I introduced a new contract with too many clauses and conditions though nothing was out of the box or had any serious condition.