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Elections 2008 Part 1 February 14, 2008

Posted by Talha Izhar in Politics.
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Elections are less than a week away, rumors are everywhere in the city. Predictions, pre-poll rigging, riots bursting out in the country and the government to be formed will not last for more than a year.

My take on all these is, its all gonna happen :D. Why?

Predictions(If polls are conducted fairly)

PML(N) will win in Punjab and in NWFP with support from ANP.

MQM will make a clean sweep in Karachi, except for 4 seats NA-250(KhushBukht Shujaat vs Dr. Mirza Ikhtiar Baig) and Lyari NA-248, Malir and Bin Qasim Town NA-258, another seat where Faisal Abidi of PPPP is against the MQM leader Haider Abbas Rizvi. It is the only constituency where too much has been spent by the PPPP candidate on adverts and publicity(which makes their publicity mantra quite evident: “Jo dikhta hai woh bikta hai”) so Faisal Abidi is everywhere in his area while MQM is following their successfull strategy by rallies on bikes and cars on the roads and billboards are decorated with their Quaid-e-Tehreek’s photo. Haider Abbas Rizvi is the favorite but Faisal Abidi’s publicity campaign looks promising. Though, the pundits are saying MQM will win 16 seats in Karachi due to the work done by City Nazim of Haq Parast Group.

PPPP will form the government in Sindh, but this will be a coalition government. Now the question with whom will PPPP form the government will come as a surprise.

PML(Q) will get seats in Punjab and Baluchistan. In Baluchistan, they will form their government easily.

 JUI will not appear as a very strong party like 2002 elections. Infact, results will show that Maulana Fazl ur Rehman has lost his touch in the NWFP. Due to Maulana Sahab’s inclination towards Musharraf this would not come as a surprise if his party would loose on their strongest seats.

The federal government formed after the elections, will be a mixture of PPPP ,PML(N), ANP and other small parties and PML(Q) ‘s MNAs who have always been with the rising sun. As predicted, this federal government will not last more than a year by either the use of 58(ii)b or by lack of confidence motion. We might see PPPP splitting up in choosing between Amin Faheem and Zardari, who might contest for NA seat from Benazir’s constituency. There are upsets expected like Sheikh Rasheed loosing from Pindi.

                                                                                                                    To be contiued…



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