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Importance of Parents August 18, 2008

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Its been a while since I had written my last post. I was away due to my work commitments and couldn’t get time to write anything. But I just can’t resist sharing this with some people who read my blog and visit it when there is nothing new on it.

I was looking for something worth mentioning regarding the rights of our parents. How we should be treating them? Looking after them and making them happy. And I googled and googled till I read this:    


I really feel bad whenever I see some of my friends and some young people I know from either work, university or family talk to their parents in a harsh tone or arguing with them asking for reasons for not permitting them to do something or why didnt they allow them to go for movies etc etc. I always ask myself why we, people of my generation, talk to our parents in this way? Why do we always think they are wrong? why dont we understand that what they are saying is based on their life’s experience and there is nothing wrong in it? Why?

I always feel that whatever our parents advice us to do is for our betterment, maybe not in the short term or near future, but in the long term. Parents aren’t our enemies they are the only people who would never want any of us to get hurt or to feel bad or to fail.

This is all I wanted to say to those “Pleasee Pleasee dont ever hurt your parents. Try not to argue. Try not to hurt them. And always take care of them before you take care of yourself because this what they have always been doing and they will continue to do so.”



1. Fariha Akhtar - August 19, 2008

Parents are a blessing that we often take for granted 🙂

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