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Is this the end of the crisis?? August 18, 2008

Posted by Talha Izhar in Politics.
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After the resignation, is the crisis going to end? Is the political unrest going to settle down? Is the economic crisis the country is facing going to end?



1. Fariha Akhtar - August 19, 2008

Asaar tu nahi..but umeed tu hamesha hi rehti hai. May Allah(SWT) help and safeguard us all 🙂

PS: This by no way means…I’m pro Mushy ..I’m pro noone 🙂

2. talhaizhar - August 19, 2008


PS: Thanks for dropping by… and we should be pro noone to understand this dirty side of politics…:)

3. luma - August 28, 2008

No its not the end.ITs the Beginning of even more crises…

4. Tazeen - August 29, 2008

It was the beginning of the end

5. talhaizhar - August 29, 2008

Welcome to my blog Tazeen.

End of what?? Crisis… 🙂

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