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Conspiracy Against Zardari!! September 26, 2008

Posted by Talha Izhar in Politics.
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Sarah Palin 20 years ago!!

Even after 20+ years of winning a beauty paegeant Sarah Palin hasn’t lost her touch. After the Hopeful-P Mr. Mc Cain asked her to meet and greet the world leaders in NewYork, the Governor of Alaska had a great day doing what she does best. Charming the World Leaders. Since she has little or no experience in meeting world leaders and discussing issues she came up with a startegy to handle the Head of States and delegates meeting her.


She met the Indian Prime Minister and President of Pakistan the same day. Every news channel is making a fuss about Mr.Zardari’s antics infront of the press. I agree that as the President of Pakistan he should have acted more reasonably rather than being the casanova he used to be or maybe he still is 🙂 . But if we take a look at the reason why the Indian Prime Minister didn’t and our President did woo the Alaskan Governor and Hopeful-VP we may feel that our President was trapped into doing what he did. Afterall, once a Casanova always a Casanova 😉 . The Attire and the atitude of the Alaskan Governor while meeting the Indian and Pakistani representatives shows clearly what made the old-experienced Casanova wooo the Hopeful-VP.

Sarah Meets SinghSarah Meets Zardari


Even if noone believes what I have just stated I would still say it was a setup to defame our President by those who donot want democracy in Pakistan 😉



1. Saud - September 27, 2008

…..lolz…u sound like Zardari’s spokesperson….is this part of ur side venture ??

so whats next, u’ll suggest that the difference in the attire and attitude was all to make a pass at the stupid Prez. Is she coming on to him ? …takin her chance with him now that benazir is out of the way? …has she been waitin for long ? …dude…u r sounding like muneeb. 😛

2. Talha Izhar - September 27, 2008

DIdn’t I tell you I will be in Politics when I turn 40 🙂

And btw, Palin and Zardari both were taking shots at each other… 🙂

If Palin wins and Zardari is ousted by any means, then he could become a powerful personality in USA and if Palin looses she can always come visit the President House.. 🙂

3. Saud - September 27, 2008

so jus like he inherited the “Pakistan’s govt” from his late wife…he’s plannin to do the same with Palin …. interesting road to success.

Think i’ll have an affair with whoever Prince William will marry n we’ll see how it goes from there : ) …. i’m gonna aim for the British throne : )

4. Talha Izhar - September 28, 2008

You be Royal 🙂

I will make sure your plan executes sucessfully… Afterall running Pakistan won’t be the only thing I will do… 😛

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