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President Zardari as Chairman PEPC November 3, 2008

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The following is an old piece of news that I went through and thought like sharing it here. This is from the second term of PPPP in 1996 when our President Zardari was the Chariman of Pakistan Environmental Protection Council. DO READ CAREFULLY and try to read between the lines and map these words from when they were said and what happened after they were said and uptil now. DO look at our President’s stance for IMF in 1996 and here we are in 2008 again knocking the door of IMF.

Asif offers help to businessmen
Sabihuddin Ghausi

KARACHI, May 1: The Chairman of Pakistan Environmental Protection
Council, Asif Ali Zardari, offered to serve as a bridge between the
business community and the government to sort out all issues that may be
hindering trade and industrial activities.
He also suggested to them to form small committees with the government
to sort out all outstanding issues and problems which they consider are
obstructing trade and industrial activities.

I am ready to act as a bridge between you and the government, Mr
Zardari told a luncheon meeting of the about 200 businessmen clustered
in the corridor of Sindh Governors House where he announced the
appointment of the former President of the Federation of Pakistan
Chambers of Commerce and Industry, S.M. Muneer, as Chairman of Pakistan
Trade Fair Corporation, with immediate effect and till further orders.

Done, was the prompt reply from Asif Zardari in response to a
suggestion of former FPCCI Chief Mr Tariq Sayeed to give representation
to the private sector on Privatisation Commission. The only condition
for such a nomination, he said was that businessman should be known
He also agreed to have a businessman as the Chairman of Export
Processing Zone Authority and apparently consented that structure of the
Board of Investment needed a fresh look to provide room for
representation of private sector on it.

More than three hours discussion in hot and humid corridor of the
Governors House was more of a brain storming session in which more than
a dozen businessmen spoke at length on the issues that included the levy
of general sales tax on an expanded level in the coming budget,
implications on investment plans of some investors of the abrupt
withdrawal of specialised industrialised zones (SIZ) scheme, rebate
refund, role of pre-shipment companies and necessity of involving
businessmen in crucial decision making. There were complaints of non-
implementation of the decisions taken in the previous meetings and non-
compliance of the policies framed to boost exports and invest. However,
none spoke on the environmental related issues or bringing
agriculturists income into tax net.

Money making is the best pursuit in life, the husband of Prime
Minister remarked while sharing governments changed perception on trade
and industry with the businessmen to stress the point that the
government now considers promotion of investment and trading activities
sine qua non for the countrys progress and development.
He repeatedly stressed upon the businessmen to consider government as
their partner in their trade and industrial pursuits and should cease to
be hostile as was in the past.

Mr Zardari also emphasised the need to bring an end of discrimination
between the urban and rural people. Both live in Pakistan and they
supplement and complement each other in economic progress, he said.
He indicated that government would hold pre-budget meetings with the
businessmen and that your views would serve as inputs for the budget
makers, he assured.

Speaking on the current economic situation, the PPP Member of National
Assembly from Nawabshah said that he considers countrys current export
earning capacity of 9 billion dollars as mere peanuts when looked in
context of the available potential. Our foreign exchange reserves are
too meagre, he said and expressed the view that export earnings and
foreign exchange reserves can be increased manifold if both government
and businessmen pool their talent and resources.

His assertion was that 125 million population was an asset of the
country rather than a liability as some international agencies try to
create impression. He termed Pakistans geographical location at
immediate proximity of Central Asian Republics as the greatest economic
advantage which has yet to be fully exploited.
Referring to some businessmens observations on conditionalities of the
International Monetary Fund, Mr Zardari reminded them that IMF was
facilitation agency and has a responsibility to ensure that budgetary
expenditure, inflation and other conditions remains under control.

He said that 5 billion dollars are being invested in the power projects
to ensure that electricity reaches all part of the country and
particularly in the remote rural areas where he said people still live
in primitive conditions.


Source: http://www.lib.virginia.edu/area-studies/SouthAsia/SAserials/Dawn/1996/02My96.html



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