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Reviewing 2008… January 1, 2009

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Another year has passed and we move into 2009. Before making new year’s resolution I usually take a look back at the previous year. The things that I do and am proud of and the things I shouldn’t have done at all.

First Quarter:

27th Feb: I resigned from my first job after working for 19 Months in that company. The decision was made within a moment a day ago. Too many reasons but a right thing to do. I miss my teammates and the culture that we had developed together.

15th March: Received the offer letter for my new job. When asked by HR when can I join I said 2nd April. I was asked why not 1st and I said “I dont want to give anyone a chance to make a fool out of me that day”. This is something I shouldnt have said!! 😀  

Second Quarter:

2nd April: Joined my new job. Better salary better benefits. Nice Domain. Great People.

19th April: Was sent abroad for my first international project. Stayed for almost 2.5 months and learnt alot of things. Worked with a great team and with one of the best manager.

Third Quarter:

7th July: My last day on my second job. Left a great team and a good company. I am still not sure if this was the right decision as I miss my days there.

August: Stepped into something I always wanted to. Started a small company with two partners me and my brother with multiple freelancers. Started working from my room. Our office was the bed in the room one corner was my office and other my brother’s.

September: We developed partnerships with some of local companies. And worked for free with some companies to get them work. Then a month later realized if I continue to do it for free till I get work I will never be able to concentrate on what I want to do.

Fourth Quarter:

October: Received training for PMP and completed the required contact hours for PMP Exam. HR Development-A good thing to do when the business is new and uncertainity all around your future!!  😉

November:  Did certain things which I shouldnt have done… 

December: Finally Me and My Brother agreed on our website’s design( third one)…And he told me on the last day of the year that he has another design in mind and I said show me… 😀

I met some great people this year most of them are my age and a couple of them through this blog. I have also taken many risks in this time of economic turmoil left my job, started a software company,almost burnt all my savings on this company.

I am entering in 2009 semi-broke, with hope to make a difference in my life and the life of others who are close to me. I hope to serve my country Pakistan better.  I also hope to take my company to another level INSHALLAH by the first quarter of 2009. Get certified for PMP INSHALLAH and will not leave it like OCP and CCNA.



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2. Obaid Ahmed - May 6, 2009

I have full confidence that you will have a great 2009 and inshaAllah it will just keep getting better. 🙂

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