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Why I use Twitter??? January 2, 2010

Posted by Talha Izhar in Technology.
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Today while I was going through the list of people I am following I saw a friend’s status which was “I find it boring here”. It made me thinking why she doesn’t like twitter? I still don’t know why 🙂 but one thing I know is why I use twitter and not get bored.

To understand my point of view, I think its important to know why I use social networks and what I look for before I signup. It all started with orkut back in the university, It was really cool back then when I started using it. It was much better than the forum I was a member of where I had to deal with alot of complete strangers. So orkut gave me a space where I could interact with my friends and find my lost friends on the network. The problems with Orkut started when I shared my pictures,maximum pictures were 12 at that time. Any random guy could see them, see my scraps. There was just no respect of privacy. Some would argue, if I am using a social network its bound to happen but I disagree. I think social networking should have a limit. Its upto us to interact with a total stranger or just our friends. Coming back, this issue on orkut led me to facebook.

And since then its facebook but after so much of social networking on facebook and over 600 friends there was something missing. The need to get an immediate reaction on anything i had in mind. And thats when entered twitter. Since twitter, I have been able to get prompt opinions on my thoughts without having socialize really. I follow people i know nothing about but their thoughts are something i really like. I got connected to people without adding them to a certain privacy list, I can share pictures I like to share with all of my followers. There are other reasons too, but I would like to know your reason of using twitter.



1. RumaisaMohani - January 2, 2010

Twitter made me contact like minded people… my real interest in Twitter started when i found lots of like minded Pakistanis wishing to do something good for their country. Hence, developed the idea of Pakistan Go Green ( by Farhan Masood ). Twitter made me send the message of hope and unity to a wonderful group of people, who all joined together to create one of the largest campaigns of that time. #Pakistan tag was taken to the 2nd top slot on Independence Day, 2009.. and then we all felt that the times are changing, only we have to change now !!! Now most of us are still green and plan to be so in future:)

Talha Izhar - January 2, 2010

Welcome to Chatter Box Rumaisa and thankyou for sharing your point of view. Certainly, Go Green campaign introduced alot of us to each other. It was a turning point for many.

2. Muneeb Iqbal - January 2, 2010

Some of the reasons I like twitter:

140 characters and blog what u like or should I say mini blog.. as I hate writing unless its some thing of my interest…

Due to my work timings, I almost don’t have physical life and social network including twitter helps me lot interacting with like minded people

Its not easy to find old pal’s on twitter so facebook does matter talha 🙂

I am sure there are lot of reasons.. but only think of those two on top of my head right now


3. Joanna - January 2, 2010

Nice blog Talha! I like Twitter too and don’t find it at all boring. In fact there is so much on it that I can’t keep up -but I try! I have made lots of friends thru Twitter and Facebook. Since I can hardly go out my online life is what matters most to me and I would be lost without it. I am happy to have a lot of good friends in and from Pakistan and you are one of them. Take care. Happy New Year!

Talha Izhar - January 2, 2010

Thanks for liking my blog. You are a good friend of alot of Pakistanis. 🙂

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5. Sheeraz Aleem - January 2, 2010

hmmm.nice question and intereting too.twitter is some thing whcih is very important for me like whenever I started my computer so the first thing which i open is twitter.twitter make a very big social circle of mine.it makes me very familiar to the people of tech industry.The best advantage that i feel is that due to twitter i found so many people around me which are great .thanks twitter making me social

6. MoyedAnsari - January 3, 2010

nice question…since it is simple, time saving and secure enough..thats y i like it more than other social network platform

7. osama nasir - January 3, 2010

Its my virtual world. I like being socialized and thats what it gives me!

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