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Long Weekend??? November 30, 2009

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It was all a dream, a distant dream. Today, I feel cheated for assuming it a long relaxing weekend. I hope someday I will get an actual long weekend to relax and rest and have fun my way. Someday maybe..


Total Randomness… November 27, 2009

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Sometimes we think and think too much and eventually fail at it. And there also comes a time when we realize that thinking too much was the reason behind our failure. So what makes us give too much thought to a simple idea?

I feel we all become fearful after the experiences we have had in our lives, and we are forced to think and think too much which we must not. In my case, I have learn’t form my experiences, that I must always be the same fearless person I was when I graduated. No fear. No worries. I was proud of whatever I have done. Few seasons and few jobs later, I changed from that fearless person to a submissive fearful person. Stuttering at every question and thinking too much before answering. From the one who had all the confidence to get on the stage in front of 400-500 people, without even thinking what will happen next and sing a song with friends without realizing that I am terrible singer, to the present self who is too shy to even clearly express himself.

Its definitely going to be hard to get to the original self but surely isn’t impossible.

Conversation with Police Officers May 4, 2009

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It happened today at Tipu Sultan Road while I was on my way to office. I was speaking to a friend on phone and saw two amazingly smart and innocent looking policemen ūüėČ asking me to pull over. I did so as every responsible citizen would do.

Policeman 1: Assalam O Alaikum Sir. Can I see the documents of your car?
Talha(Myself): Wsalam. Sure. (I gave him the documents and he walked over to his partner and looked at the documents)

Policeman 1: Sir you were talking on phone and you’ve violated traffic rules and we will have to issue you a ticket for Rs.512. Please give us you driving license.

I said: Are you traffic police?? No. Then why would you give me the ticket??

Then they both looked at each other and then looked at the documents once again and said : You havent paid you car tax since you bought the car. We have dozens of cars locked in our police station for this.

I said: Are you from the Revenue Department?? Thats supposed to be their problem not yours.

At this point they didnt know what else to say. They both said: Sir we can lock up your car and will not release it until you pay the tax.

I said(offering them keys of the car): Sure go on. Lock it up.

They had nothing more to say. Then they tried another act.

Policeman 1: Sir Sahab(The other policeman) thinks you are a nice boy. he thinks you should go here are your documents.

I said Thanks and as I approached the car the first policeman came to me whispering, Koi thanday ka intezam kar dein tou achha hai bohat dhoop hai yahan (meaning: If you can arrange for cold drinks that will be good. Its too hot over here!!)

I looked at them and now both of them were looking like two innocent men begging for a drink. I bought them a drink from the shop across the road and moved on.

I think I did right by not giving them cash and buying drinks. or did I??

Reviewing 2008… January 1, 2009

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Another year has passed and we move into 2009. Before making new year’s resolution I usually take a look back at the previous year. The things that I do and am proud of and the things I shouldn’t have done at all.

First Quarter:

27th Feb: I resigned from my first job after working for 19 Months in that company. The decision was made within a moment a day ago. Too many reasons but a right thing to do. I miss my teammates and the culture that we had developed together.

15th March: Received the offer letter for my new job. When asked by HR when can I join I said 2nd April. I was asked why not 1st and I said “I dont want to give anyone a chance to make a fool out of me that day”. This is something I shouldnt have said!! ūüėÄ ¬†

Second Quarter:

2nd April: Joined my new job. Better salary better benefits. Nice Domain. Great People.

19th April: Was sent abroad for my first international project. Stayed for almost 2.5 months and learnt alot of things. Worked with a great team and with one of the best manager.

Third Quarter:

7th July: My last day on my second job. Left a great team and a good company. I am still not sure if this was the right decision as I miss my days there.

August: Stepped into something I always wanted to. Started a small company with two partners me and my brother with multiple freelancers. Started working from my room. Our office was the bed in the room one corner was my office and other my brother’s.

September: We developed partnerships with some of local companies. And worked for free with some companies to get them work. Then a month later realized if I continue to do it for free till I get work I will never be able to concentrate on what I want to do.

Fourth Quarter:

October: Received training for PMP and completed the required contact hours for PMP Exam. HR Development-A good thing to do when the business is new and uncertainity all around your future!!¬† ūüėČ

November:¬† Did certain things which I shouldnt have done…¬†

December: Finally Me and My Brother agreed on our website’s design( third one)…And he told me on the last day of the year that he has another design in mind and I said show me… ūüėÄ

I met some great people this year most of them are my age and a couple of them through this blog. I have also taken many risks in this time of economic turmoil left my job, started a software company,almost burnt all my savings on this company.

I am entering in 2009 semi-broke, with hope to make a difference in my life and the life of others who are close to me. I hope to serve my country Pakistan better.  I also hope to take my company to another level INSHALLAH by the first quarter of 2009. Get certified for PMP INSHALLAH and will not leave it like OCP and CCNA.

Dreams.. December 20, 2008

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You see things; and you say, “Why?” But I dream things that never were; and I say, “Why not?”

– George Bernard Shaw

A News Channel Closed Down??? November 3, 2008

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If rumors are to be believed GEO English is in process of shut down and a staff of 650 has been fired!!!


Poverty and Our Role!! October 15, 2008

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A few years ago while I was in school I used to read newspaper during the assembly in the morning and I was so used to read about the middle class and the lower class and the issues each class faces. I had this perception back then that people who have a car are elite class, with a bike are middle class and those who travel by bus are lower class.

WIth the current economic scenario I fail to see these classes there are either rich people or poor people. This increasing economic chaos will lead to only two classes people who can afford to live and people who cannot. I really hope this never happens.

With ever increasing inflation, shortage of wheat, increasing loans and liabilities and many more issues which are faced by our country how would a poor person survive?

Government cannot do anything about it as the leaders cannot understand the needs of the poor. This is high time that we as people who belong to this society should start doing little individually to create an impact collectively. Most of the people would ask what should we do?

Most important thing that Islam teaches us is to give Zakat to the poor. People these days don’t give the right amount in Zakat and they look for way and means to try and save as much as they could.

We can also stop splashing money on things which are meant to be for a time only. This has different meaning for different people. For me, it means I have to stop spending my money on food trying out new fancy restaurants.

We can teach a poor child or we can pay the school fee for a child. It will take Rs.1000 rupees to do it. We spend many 1000 rupees every month on things we dont need.

We can form a group of people to contribute their share and distribute food to those we know who are not able to buy it.

On this day, I urge and request all of you to look around, you will find many families needing our support, and help the ones who need it.

A tribute to The Quaid September 11, 2008

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I read the following¬†quote on a friend’s messenger comment. In the current situation words like these can keep the spirit of the nation up.

“Do your duty and have faith in God. There is no power on earth that can undo Pakistan. It has come to stay”

– Quaid

On the death anniversary of the founder of Pakistan there couldnt be a better tribute to the leader than to follow his words.

Earthquake Prediction???!!! September 9, 2008

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Yesterday I read this news in a local newspaper which states in many cities of Pakistan termors were felt in the last 48 hours which are actually the fore shocks of an earthquake higher in magnitude than these tremors.


Black Money Whitened!!! September 4, 2008

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In a poor country like Pakistan where the government has taken loans over $42 Billion and the people are crushed by the inflation. A resident of Karachi has got his black money whitened and that too worth Rs.2.5 Billion($32 Million) by paying just 2% tax and will never be asked about the sources through which he earned this much money.

For details: http://www.thenews.com.pk/daily_detail.asp?id=133818