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Total Randomness… November 27, 2009

Posted by Talha Izhar in Personal, Uncategorized.
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Sometimes we think and think too much and eventually fail at it. And there also comes a time when we realize that thinking too much was the reason behind our failure. So what makes us give too much thought to a simple idea?

I feel we all become fearful after the experiences we have had in our lives, and we are forced to think and think too much which we must not. In my case, I have learn’t form my experiences, that I must always be the same fearless person I was when I graduated. No fear. No worries. I was proud of whatever I have done. Few seasons and few jobs later, I changed from that fearless person to a submissive fearful person. Stuttering at every question and thinking too much before answering. From the one who had all the confidence to get on the stage in front of 400-500 people, without even thinking what will happen next and sing a song with friends without realizing that I am terrible singer, to the present self who is too shy to even clearly express himself.

Its definitely going to be hard to get to the original self but surely isn’t impossible.