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Poverty and Our Role!! October 15, 2008

Posted by Talha Izhar in Uncategorized.
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A few years ago while I was in school I used to read newspaper during the assembly in the morning and I was so used to read about the middle class and the lower class and the issues each class faces. I had this perception back then that people who have a car are elite class, with a bike are middle class and those who travel by bus are lower class.

WIth the current economic scenario I fail to see these classes there are either rich people or poor people. This increasing economic chaos will lead to only two classes people who can afford to live and people who cannot. I really hope this never happens.

With ever increasing inflation, shortage of wheat, increasing loans and liabilities and many more issues which are faced by our country how would a poor person survive?

Government cannot do anything about it as the leaders cannot understand the needs of the poor. This is high time that we as people who belong to this society should start doing little individually to create an impact collectively. Most of the people would ask what should we do?

Most important thing that Islam teaches us is to give Zakat to the poor. People these days don’t give the right amount in Zakat and they look for way and means to try and save as much as they could.

We can also stop splashing money on things which are meant to be for a time only. This has different meaning for different people. For me, it means I have to stop spending my money on food trying out new fancy restaurants.

We can teach a poor child or we can pay the school fee for a child. It will take Rs.1000 rupees to do it. We spend many 1000 rupees every month on things we dont need.

We can form a group of people to contribute their share and distribute food to those we know who are not able to buy it.

On this day, I urge and request all of you to look around, you will find many families needing our support, and help the ones who need it.